Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why noodle salad?

When seeing the film, As Good As It Gets, I laughed at the expression, "noodle salad." My youngest son refers to macaroni salad, a recipe from my mother, as noodle salad, having never seen the film. Noodles also remind me of the brain........of twists, curves, tangles all lumped together to form a thought, a movement and controlling all of my senses. And salad is a mixture of more than one ingredient. Maybe this makes sense? Anyway, that is the title of my blog and this is my first entry.

Over the past year or so I have started to follow blogs, some are done by friends of mine, or recommended by friends, and then there are those that I see on the right side of the blogs I read under Follow. Just yesterday, my oldest son started his own blog documenting his experience as a college student studying abroad this semester. Figured if my first born can do it, so can I! I'd like to post what I follow but first need to figure out how to do that, in fact there are many things to figure out in this new world of blogging.

I hope to write about my thoughts, particularly little things in life that are really not that important, but intrigue me. And, eventually write about food and cooking, a passion of mine. Hopefully I will post some photos of food and recipes too.

My thought for today is about the convenience store Wawa. If none of you know what a Wawa is, it is similar to a 711. I know Wawas are in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. When I go to a Wawa I always get their coffee, hazelnut regular is my favorite. Just pulling into any Wawa parking lot I feel as if my life is in jeopardy by simply parking my car. Since its an in and out place, folks always seem to be very rushed when shopping there. One goes in there for what they need and out immediately, the faster the better. Its as if life goes full speed when just pulling into the lot. This behavior does not happen at pull slowly into their lots and customers get out of their vehicles slowly and calmly walk into the coffeehouse. I wonder why? Does the fact that milk, chewing gum, candy, a box of macaroni signify speeding things up? Now, pouring the coffee is a problem for me at Wawa. The coffee percolaters are all set out, perhaps twenty of them, each labeled with what flavor, decaf or regular. I pour my coffee and then need to head to a counter usually behind me with my cup that is steaming hot to 'dress' the treat. This simple movement is also dangerous like the parking lot. Since folks are in a rush, they don't look and see if they are in my way and I risk third degree burns just to pour some creamer in my coffee. My last comment for today is that certain Wawas are better than other Wawas. Same merchandise, same coffee, same hoagies, but I would like to rate them one star to five stars. And, of course I am a fan of Wawa on facebook!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I've listed you in Blogs of Friends on my blog. :-)

  2. I am so proud of you! Blogging can equate to keeping a journal which is cathartic in and of itself, but you are combining your love for writing and passion for cooking for optimal catharsis (I should coin that phrase!).
    I like your analogy of noodle salad. Yes, the brain is made of an entire network of neurons and synapes which interacts to make us the individuals that we are. Not only does noodle salad look like the brain I imagine that it often is "individual" when completed - ie - all the same ingredients go into it but there can be a little difference in taste, texture, color, etc each time, to make it individual.
    okay, that's enough for today.....I better stop studying and working so hard. Everything looks like the brain to me!

  3. I can't believe you have written my thoughts about purchasing coffee at WaWa..I feel the same way as you do..I always burn my mouth and my hands..I watch other costumers do everything with such ease..Makes me laugh Hil!!

  4. Hi Hilary....I'm so happy that you decided to do a Blog, it looks great. :-) I'm a follower now too.... I can't sit too long still this surgery is a tough one.

    ....have a great day and Happy Blogging! Erica