Thursday, January 14, 2010

Live High, Live Mighty, Live Rightiously

Some of you may know that the title of this post is part of a Jason Mraz tune, Live High. I interpret the lyrics as accepting life the way it is, making the best of each day, living for today......just for today. When I feel overwhemed just listening to this song puts my life in perspective and........boy did I feel overwhelmed today. Yes, this blogging world is confusing and I'm trying to learn the tricks. Maybe by the end of 2010, I will have figured it out.

Besides food, cooking and endless thinking, another passion of mine is music. Trust me, I am not always passionate about thinking, most particularly when I get into my own head. That is why I love this song............its a form of meditation for me just to hear the tune and listen to the lyrics. Below is a youtube link. Note that this is not my favorite way to listen to the song, but the best one IMO of Live High currently out there on youtube.

This blog world takes getting used to. There are many things I need to get accustomed with right, magic jack and jahjah. These three words were not part of my vocabulary in the not too distant past. Skype, magic jack and jahjah are three ways of communicating with my son in Barcelona. So far I've only heard from him via his very own blog. Check it out - Across the Sea, and can be linked via my home page.

So, that is just it for today.

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  1. I love the way you write! Keep it coming girl!